The Norse Tarot Handbook

- Now Available -

Clive Barrett - Author and Illustrator

THE NORSE TAROT breaks new ground in Tarot conception. Skilfully combining strongly drawn figures with a beautifully subtle use of colour, artist and writer Clive Barrett has painted a deck of sheer beauty. And though carefully designed to correspond with traditional Tarot interpretations, the cards convey their meanings in a wholly original way and in a form consistent with the Nordic theme as a whole.

This fully illustrated book examines in detail the background to each of the 78 cards in the Tarot deck. In an absorbing introduction the author explains the history of the Viking peoples and their way of life and stresses the importance of their Gods, sagas, and rune figures in the construction of the Tarot cards. The interpretation of every card is given, and the mythological background to the images on the Major Arcana cards is lovingly explained.

THE NORSE TAROT will meet with great satisfaction from people of all walks of life: for the layperson it offers a fascinating insight into the lives and beliefs of an archetypal race of warriors, with every card illustrating a fascinating story; for the novice it provides an incomparable introduction to the use of Tarot, complete with a basic guide to laying and reading the cards; and for the enthusiast who demands increasing quality it offers a highly original and imaginative new angle.

The Norse Tarot Journey Book

- Now Available -

Clive Barrett - Author and Illustrator

This Journey Book is designed to accompany the Norse Tarot Deck and Handbook, and enable the user to extract the full potential of the cards.

For both beginners and experienced tarot users, this booklet has dedicated space for each of the 78 cards in the tarot deck. Each is provided with basic information, with room for you to enter your own personal insights and observations. Record your perceptions and enhance your comprehension to develop a fuller understanding of the individual cards, and the deck as a whole.

While the Handbook provides full descriptions of the cards, there is always room for personal revelations, discoveries, and interpretations. 

The Norse Tarot Journey Book is the perfect place to map your travels and explorations.

The notes and details contained have been assembled from the Norse Tarot handbook, and from various traditional sources, including the invaluable work of the Golden Dawn and its members. 
It is hoped that the contents of this slim volume will provide a basis for further study, and help the user develop a deeper understanding of the structure and foundation of the tarot. This, in turn, will bring a truer comprehension of the capabilities of this powerful tool.

The Norse Tarot Journey Book is not available from bookshops or Amazon.

Contents include

• Space to record you thoughts and isights for each card. A full page for each of the major arcana, and a quarter page for each of the minor arcana.

• Six pages of tables of correspondence for the major arcana. Including attributions, symbols, interpretations, colours, runes, cabalistic associations, and more.

Size (approximately) 14 x 21.5 cm., 48 pages.

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